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General Information

The Bruce Peninsula is a georgious strip of land right next to Lake Huron on the eastern Canadian side. It divides Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay on its southern end. At the end of the Bruce Peninsula, where Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay meet, lies Tobermory, the touristic "hub" of the Bruce Peninsula. The last 20 miles of Bruce Peninsula right ahead of Tobermory are home to two Canadadian national parks: Fathom Five National Marine Park and Bruce Peninsula National Park.

Getting there

Getting there is fairly easy. From Hamilton on Lake Ontario, highway 6 leads directly all the way up to Tobermory. There is good shopping in Owen Sound in case you need to refill your food supplies. Otherwise, Tobermory also has a grocery store and an outdoor store. When coming from the north, A ferry can take you and your vehicle in a two hour trip from Manitoulin Island to tobermory. As of September 2007, it goes at least twice a day.

Closeby places

Manitoulin Island is the biggest island in a lake on earth. It can be reached with the ferry from Tobermory within two hours. A large number of hiking trails and lakes make it a good destination for day hikes. Lodging is available in one of the many campgrounds or in motels which can be found all over the island.
Fathom Five National Marine Park is another national park in the Georgian Bay. Most of it is located under water and is a popular destination for scuba diving. This national park can easily be explored while staying in Tobermory or in Bruce Peninsula National Park itself.
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