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Hiking Information

Bruce Peninsula National Park can be explored by hiking on the well marked trails, which lead from the parking areas to the Georgian Bay. There are a number of attractions along the trails, such as the Grotto and the hanging cliff. The stony cliffs and beaches offer a great natural places to relax and bathe in the lake. Note however, that even in late summer the water is still freezing cold, but very refreshing. There is a separate part of the park at Dorces Bay, which has a lovely nature trail and a sand beach.
Overnight hikes are possible since the park has two backcountry campsites. Also, the park directly connects to the Bruce trail, which continues from the park all the way down to lake Ontario. Note that Bruce Peninsula is black bear country, so you need to take appropriate precautions when storing your food during your backcountry hike. Further information can be obtained at the park office.
The park and the Georgian Bay are also great places for canoeing and diving. Two dive shops in Tobermory offer dive courses, equipment rentals, and organize dives. People mostly dive for whip wrecks in this area. As the water is very cold even during late summer when it reaches its peak temperatures, people usually wear a 7mm wet suit.
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